Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Not satisfied with trying to dig up every road in Edinburgh, the cooncil have now moved on to pavements. Specifically the pavement along by Seafield Road.
This is a bit annoying as it effectively blocks off two of the runs that I often do from my office in Leith.
The first is a 5.5 mile route that goes down towards the Seafield junction (formally the Seafield Roundabout) then down Kings Road and back along by the back of the Cat & Dog home. The other route is basically the first route plus a loop of Portobello prom and Joppa added (making 8 miles).
As I say though, this is off limits for the foreseeable future. I probably could still go along but it now involves a couple of busy road crossings and fannying about.
So. Got a choice of one run. My 7 mile route up the Water Of Leith and back via Granton. I do like this run…but 4 days a week? Gets a bit “samey” to say the least.
Also, I find that if I do the same run too often I end up concentrating on time and getting round quicker than the last time. Every training run turns into a  sort of time trial – not ideal.
Still. Getting out anywhere at lunchtime is good. Put’s me in a good mood (or as close an approximation as I can manage).
Speaking of good moods …I thought it was a lovely version of the Johnny Hodges classic “Squatty Roo” as it happens. The lights in the shower going out on me again however leads me to think that not every one thought so L
Hope they don’t look to me for support when they are striking for their gold plated pensions. Civil Servants? Worthless b@stards to a man!

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