Saturday, 5 November 2011


The weather may be unseasonably mild, but winter is upon us.
This weekend sees a couple of "wintry" events...

First up was my annual flu jab at the doctors. They don't operate an appointment policy. Rather they have a couple of "open days" when all the wrinklies and those of us who are slightly younger but who are deemed to be sickly or to have "weak chests" and what-not turn up and form an orderly queue. Today was such a day.
It's a system that seems to work well and I don't think I've ever had to wait any longer than a couple of minutes to be seen. Today was no exception. In fact it was over that quick that I hardly noticed it had happened. I went in with jacket already off, sat in a chair and was asked by the doctor "left arm or right?". I was just about to say left when the needle was jabbed into my right - no time for mucking about here.
Anyway. Hopefully that's me flu free for another year.
I suppose I'm "lucky" to be one of the groupls who gets the flu jab free, but I think if I wasn't I would consider paying for it anyway. There's enough in the way of niggles and injuries to interupt my winter training anayway without having to take a couple of weeks off laid low with the flu.

Tomorrow sees another indicator of winter being upon us with the first leg of the Borders XC at Lauder. To get in the groove I went for a nine mile bimble round by the windfarm today. Really enjoyed it. A nice cool(ish), bright, calm day.
It really was just one of those days where everything "clicked". Really enjoyed it and felt good all the way round. The kind of feeling you always want on a race day (but seldom seem to get). Maybe there's something benifical in the flu jab?

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