Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Cant really explain what got into me last night, but last nights club run went off like a race. Harder than a race probably.
Needless to say a "pb" was got for that route.

Madness indeed, because this morning I had to be up and about at "stupid o'clock" to do a recce of White Sands prior to Sunday's Borders Series XC race.
Got a message yesterday from the council to say that "travellers" had moved onto the sight (after cutting down the large metal barrier erected to stop them).
Apparently the council and the police had payed our travelling "chums" a visit and requested that they may wish to "move along".

A typical clothes peg seller.
Why, oh why, can't people just let them be?
 Now. Normally this would be a bit like asking the Greeks if  "they'd consider being good enough to pay back some of their debts. Or at least spending a little less" - i.e. fecking wasting your time.
However, this time the council had repaired the large metal barrier and informed them that if they didn't move then they would be getting locked in within 24 hours.
Obviously, being locked in would deprive them of the opportunity to take their brightly coloured horse drawn wagons onto the country lanes where they would sell their hand carved clothes pegs and hand made pots and pans.
Its worked! They've gone! Thank god.
Didn't fancy holding a race that started and ended in a tinkers camp!

Anyway. After last nights exertions doing another 8.5 mile this morning was a bit daunting. So I took it very easy (8.5 minute pace). First time this winter I've used a head torch as well. Quite enjoyed it.