Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Went out for just under nine miles today. Up into the Lammermuirs and round the windfarms.
Quite enjoyed it. It's not exactly "off road", but what roads there are, are pretty battered and rough works-access roads that tend to get a thin layer of mud on them that seems to last all year round. Save for a few hot weeks in the summer when they turn instead to dusty tracks. So the trail shoes were the order of the day today.
Another nice thing is that I can go out for nine miles without seeing a single other person. Sheep, cattle, deer and pheasants - yes. People? No.
I love the solitude - nothing to listen to except the wind. Well not entirely true.. inspired as I obviously was after listening this morning to Brian Lemons album "My Shinning Hour" I did regale some of the farm animals and wildlife with a lovey rendition of "It's Only A Paper Moon" as I struggled up the hill after Weatherly.
Some people don't think cattle have facial expressions. They're wrong - I clearly made out "disgust", "bewilderment" and "pity" (all from the same coo).
Don't know why but sometimes I find singing helps when I'm struggling. But fear not.. I stopped doing it in races about ten years ago after I passed a bloke going up a hill singing "Mack The Knife" and he told me to "shut the f*** up" (maybe not a jazz fan).

It's one of those damp, dank, dark, nondescript October days today - lovely. You never know really if it's long sleeve weather or not when running at this time of year (or even gloves?).
I opted for the long sleeves - only to roll them up within about the first two miles as I was starting to over heat.
Other than a 10k and a half all I have between now and the end of the year is a couple of cross country races.
In other words "I've nothing specific to train for". So, even if I don't ease back on the weekly mileage (and I might), I'll at least cut back on some of the effort in some runs. Have a wee while where I'm just running for the fun of it (not that it isn't normally you understand).

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