Sunday, 9 October 2011


My "bounce" is returning a wee bit (literally speaking at least).
Had a complete rest day on Friday (from the running). And yesterday although I did 10miles it was at a relatively moderate pace.
The club had decided that after we had hosted the Dunbar 10 mile race that those of us who had marshaled, or had helped out in other ways, would then run the route. So once the prize giving was over, the last runner had departed, the final large arrow sign removed and the room that we had been using at Hallhill returned to some semblance of order - we all got changed and off we went. In conditions similar to that the runners faced a few hours earlier .... wet, windy and slippy underfoot.
Quite a nice turnout, and we just split into a couple of small groups or pairs and went round the route at a pace conducive to nattering while running. What was a bit strange though, and more than a little worring, was that quite a few, who had been marshaling themselves earlier on, still managed to get lost!!
So today I went for a nine mile run and took the tempo up a little and have to say that the legs are starting to feel a bit like their old selves again.

Bit of a busy couple of days though, so I have a bit of catching up to do with my other hobbies; listening to new jazz (Joe Lovano "Bird Songs"), reading ... and seeing if I can sit for long enough doing nowt whether my arse will take root to the sofa!

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