Sunday, 30 October 2011


Did the Jedburgh Half today. Tough, tough, tough.
Got down there and went along to get our numbers and compu-chips. Now. Compu-chips. I've a problem with the lace through type - and I only discovered it today.
The problem is that since I tripped and split my knee I've started cutting the excess yards off my laces so that if they do come undone I won't trip on them!! But, because I cut them they become somewhat frayed at the edges. Could I unlace my shoes and then re-lace them easily? Could I bugger. Took me about twenty minutes just for this "simple task". I will need to re-asses what I do with my laces.

Anyway. Got them done at last and went for a wee warm up. There didn't appear to be anywhere to leave a bag so we left ours in the car. So.... my warm up took me past the finish area where I concealed an old tee-shirt in a hedge (something that I could put on at the end to stop getting cold - but if it got lifted I wouldn't miss it).

Went back to the start line and met up with the rest and have a natter to some others that I knew.

I know my hearings bad, but I was standing right up beside the starter and I couldn't hear a word of what he was saying. Anyway, he said what he had to say and we were off.
A fast start, as per usual with this race. Starts on a slight hill and then theres a couple of tight corners through the town centre, where everyone seems to be trying to get a good position.
It's always hard to tell where you are in the field with this half until about the 6k mark when the 10k runners peel off. I discovered I was probably in about the top ten at this stage and looking at the mile splits on my watch I dared to dream that an equal of last years PB of 1:18 was on the cards.
Indeed, it looked fairly good till about the 7.5 mile mark and we turned into a stiff head wind.
By this time I was running beside a bloke from Carnethy and, even working together and taking turns at the front our splits shifted from about 5:50s to 6:20s. No talking was taking place as we were both working flat out.
The hill at 11 mile was a wee bit tougher from previous years (again, because of the breeze) and on the last mile and a bit into Jedburgh Mr Carnethy managed to get away.
Just kept the head down and ploughed on. Felt strange, in the last half mile, to be overtaking some of the stragglers from the 10k race.
Got across the line in 1:20:33 (by my watch). Happy enough.
Stood at the finish line for a bit talking to Theresa, who had done the 10k - I'd seen Brian walking at the 11 mile mark (pulled out injured). As we were talking I noticed the back of a van was open that contains all the computers and "gubbins" for the timing mats.....
Had a wee peek. I think I was 7th or 8th overall and possibly first MV40+.
However when we went back to the registration hall we discovered that there was no "prize giving" as such. Apparently the first three across the line got their prizes at the finish area and the rest are just posted out (i.e the category prizes).
I shall be checking the results as soon as they are published.
The wind obviously didn't bother everyone. Anne was about a minute and a half quicker than last year.

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