Tuesday, 18 October 2011



Cold season is upon us.

Not the climate or the weather – but the virus. Yes. It’s “lurgy” time again!!

I’ve had a wee bit of a change from the old routine this year. My Early-Onset-Autumnal-Lurgy has only skimmed around the outer reaches of my nose and throat, barely registering in my consciousness, before taking up residence in my chest.

This is, I fear, a slight breaking of etiquette on the part of the virus, but I’ll let it go this time. Normal procedure suggests that it should hop around twixt head and throat for a couple of days or so, before setting off to take up residence in the chest area, not simply barge into the best room in the house like some unwanted, uninvited guest.

Common sense should tell me not to run with an “iffy” chest. But then again (a) I’m asthmatic – an “iffy” chest is par for the course and (b) me and common sense have never seen eye to eye anyway.

To ease me through this horrendous illness, and to ensure it does not evolve into full blown Man Flu, I have bought a jumbo sized bottle of “Chesty Bennolyn” ….. which I’ve left in the house L. Bollox.

On the plus side the “runners gob” is much more fun when you have a bad chest. Loads and loads of throaty ammo J


It may not just be in my chest to be honest. It may be affecting my head slightly – making me a bit woozy and befuddled. Which may explain why yesterday after a nice hot shower after a run at work I stepped out of the cubicle and found out I’d left my clothes out by my desk! No fun having a shower then having to put the running gear back on.

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