Thursday, 27 October 2011



Bothered by a “hilly” on my run this morning. Not a “hill” mind you (that runs pretty flat). A “hilly”. A Black and red Hilly to be precise.

It was there on the ground as I stepped out for my early morning jaunt up the Water of Leith (“there” being about 25 yards from my office door) – A black and red “hilly” sock.

A sock exactly like the ones that I wear.

Now, a few other people go running from the office – I’m not the only one. So, I have to assume that more than one person could, theoretically at least, own a pair of black and red hilly socks.

But I am clumsy, untidy and feckless. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve lost kit out of my bag.

BUT – I didn’t want to stop and pick it up (it was still there on my return from my run). Who stops to pick up discarded socks in the street? I didn’t want to run carrying a spare sock either – how mad would that look?

I can’t even think if I’m missing a sock, but then again – would I notice? I just bung stuff in and out of the laundry basket without looking (same goes for the washing machine to be honest).

I hope to god its NOT mine – I really like those socks.

I might pop out this morning and, if its still there, hide it away somewhere. Then check tonight and if it IS mine collect it tomorrow.


Davie said...

You'll need to reveal it's location. This may be the answer to the question "Where do the odd socks go when the washing machine swallows them".

Stuart said...

Nice idea Davie - though why socks would choose the Scottish Executive Offices in Leith eludes me (I don't even want to be here).
However it WASN'T one of mine!