Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hostilities between me and the virus are pretty much over.
The drugs have been put away again until next we meet.
However, I didn't feel up to any real recreational LSD today so settled instead for 11 miles at pace.
A route all too familiar. Down by Innerwick, through Crowhill and back via Thurston Mains. A "bread and butter" training run if I'm honest - a lazy choice of route.
But I did enjoy it. I felt quite good and managed round feeling quite comfortable.
Met Susan and Brian who were out running part of the same route and stopped briefly to chat.
Probably won't do too much this week. Got the Jedburgh Half to look forward to next week, so there's no point in knackering myself prior to that.

Rest of the weekend has been exhausting and has mainly involved me reacquainting myself with the work of Bobby Wellins prior to going to see him in concert this Friday at the Queens Hall.
Found myself drawn a few times this weekend to the CD "Birds Of Brazil". Could hardly believe its 22 years old. I remember buying it after hearing a track played on Humphrey Lyttelton's "Best Of Jazz" shows. It was my first introduction to Wellins work (I didn't get Under Milk Wood till a few years later).
The album is split into two. The first part is the "Birds Of Brazil suite" for orchestra (in three parts), while the second part is three jazz cover versions for a smaller combo (a quintet I think).
Strange to that I "discovered" while looking at the sleeve notes again that the Birds Of Brazil suite was arranged by Tony Coe. The name would have meant little to me when I first got the CD, but I've become relatively well acquainted with his works since then. Note to self: "revisit old records more often - there's loads of "hidden gems" laying dormant in there."
Both "parts" of this CD are excellent in their own ways, but I'm not sure that they "segue" all that well. Probably best to listen to one part... have a bit of a break...then listen to the other.

The gig on Friday showcases two of Wellins orchestral works: The Culloden Moor and Caledonian Suites.
Never heard any of them before. Looking forward to it.

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