Friday, 16 September 2011



Went out for six miles this morning. Early doors. Thought I might enjoy it – I didn’t.

God, it hurt. I suddenly remembered why a rest day on a Friday is a good idea. Especially Fridays that follow Thursdays where I’ve been out a run and taken part in a fairly rigorous track session at night.

This morning I felt like my legs had sacks of coal tied to the ankles.

But it brings my weekly total up to about 75. Got a long weekend coming up, so hope to do a couple of long un’s.

Strange thing happened last night. I was walking up to the Waverly station and as I walked past the Omni Centre at Greenside row. As usual it was busy there. Within a period of under a minute, four people had come up to me to enquire “are you the Real Radio renegade”? WHAT???

First time I just thought it was a loony. Second and third time I started to think “Aye. Aye. Something’s going on here”, and by the fourth time I was all geared up to tell them to “p*** off” – but seeing as it was a bloke about six foot tall and four foot wide I just smiled sweetly and contended myself by saying “no”.

Now I don’t know who the “Real Radio renegade” is but if his face is as bitter and twisted as mine is after a day at work then even I feel sorry for him!

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