Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Quite a morning already.
What were you doing at about 5:55? Having a nice coffee? Still tucked up in bed? Enjoying your breakfast?
Me? I had my head stuck down the septic tank overflow chamber again!
I don't know what had gone wrong this time. The pump appears to be working, but I've "tweaked" the float switch so that it comes on a bit earlier. I suspect that the socket (left of the tank) hadn't fully dried out at the weekend - tripped - and then over filled.
Have to keep an eye on it. But not a nice way to start the day at all.

Then a little later on I was upstairs working and happened to look out the window...
That certainly shouldn't be in next doors garden. Fatso the cat? Yes. A big coo? Definitely not.
Anyway. Got out and opened the gate at the side of the house and managed to "herd" her back through into the field where she belongs (can you "herd" a single coo?).

And despite a terrible moment when she took a shine to Anne's flowers under the window it all went well and she's back with the rest of the gang now.

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