Thursday, 22 September 2011


Getting a bit of pain just now in my right leg. Well, my buttock if I was to be honest. Or if rather than simply “honest” I were also technical then I’d say its my “Gluteal muscle group”.
Whatever, its sore. Sore when sitting for any length of time and sore when I try to run quickly - which is a slight problem when I’ve got a couple of races coming up.
Anyway. I have identified three possible causes of this abnormality:
One. After my recent knee problem my gait has changed a bit and the other muscles are “compensating”.
Two. I need new shoes. I don’t seem to get hellish long out of a pair of shoes these days (three/four months), but given that that can add up to about 700+ miles it isn’t too bad. Certainly looking at my current pair the right shoe is showing signs of degradation/wear.
Three. I lack sufficient panniculus adiposus of the buttocks (that’s “fat”) and sitting for long periods of time is causing pressure on the muscle.

So, to be honest I think one and two are the most likely, but to err on the safe side……. “One” keep on keeping on and hope it goes away (along with more stretching/squats/lunges). “Two” new shoes bought and ready to try out before the races. “Three” More Cake!!!

Of course it may be none of the above. It may all be down to the involuntary "spasm" my right leg keeps getting when I'm sitting watching the news and have to reign in my basic urge to put my foot through the telly!! A Liberal Party Conference and an SNP budget .... testing times indeed.

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