Tuesday, 20 September 2011



Some may, by now, have deduced that I am not overly keen on the commute through to the DGP. I don’t believe in an afterlife or anything like that… but Im pretty sure that if there is a hell then it will be approached via an hour long commute on one of First Scotrails stinking trains, the bowels of hell will look a lot like the Queen Street “selection ramp” and Satan will be a weegie Civil Servant.

There are however a couple of coping mechanisms that can make the journey, certainly not pleasant, but at least tolerable. Namely a bit of music and a good book.

These days I just carry my ereader with me. If I finish one book … well I can just pick another from my “library”. No need to lug more than one book at a time.

I hate being stuck on a train with nothing to read.

Which is why I decided, when I read about the Guradians great bookswap, that I’d take part and get rid of a couple of books I’ve read and don’t want to hang on to.

So this morning I slipped a couple of books onto seats and tables in a carriage of the train before slipping into the next carriage to sit.

The books I chose to leave? Well a couple of the series of “Railway Detective” books by Edward Marston. Hopefully a little murder on the railway will make someone else’s journey a little less like murder.

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