Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Well. Last night's club run was probably the last time we will get out a run in the country this side of next March or so (at least without head torches).
I went down to the club all full of good intentions - "I'm tapering, don't you know, just a steady wee six mile plod for me". Though this translated as "Lets go out to the North Berwick Road end via John Muir then hammer it back along the old A1 as fast as we can".
Just over nine miles. Quite enjoyed if to be honest. Though I will do next to nothing now, till Sunday!

The rest will give me even more time to catch up with the shed load of CDs I appear to have acquired this last couple of weeks.
Though my listening "ability" was limited for a while. Due to my Tinnitus I wear "open" over ear headphones, rather than buds (certainly not the in canal type). I also regularly self medicate with olive oil.
What I usually do is mop up all the oily gunk and residue before I put my headphones on to listen to my latest Kenny Barron Trio offering.

Sennheiser headphones and olive oil.... not a good mix :-(
The left ear not only had the usual "hisssssss", but Kenny and the trio sounded, what I can only describe as, "somewhat squelchy".

New set of phones had to be got.

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