Friday, 2 September 2011


Yesterday I said "the club re-starts its monthly 5k handicap tonight. I'll give that a go - it's usually a good indicator of how the training is going."
Today I say "not terribly well". About 30 seconds slower than the last time and a good bit off my handicap time. Felt like I was giving it all I had, but just couldn't chase down the runners ahead of me.
As a form of penance I tried to push myself a bit harder today on a nine mile route and did manage to get the pace up a bit.

Four weeks on Sunday till the Baxters Mara. Better get a plan together.

Got a 25k run with the club this Sunday. That'll do as a start, but need to get a few long ones under my belt. The September weekend is coming up fairly soon, so I might try and get a couple of good runs under my belt then and also try for the Norham 10k the week before the mara as a wee sharpener.

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