Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Another Wednesday ... another painful run.

Had one of my usual "two run Tuesday's" yesterday. To start with my legs were still a bit tired after Sundays 25k run with the club (very enjoyable though) and I had toyed with the idea of not going a run at lunchtime. Given that it was absolutely piddling it down through in the DGP, and howling a gale, I really shouldn't have bothered.
However, as anyone unlucky enough to, not "belong to the tribe", but work with/for civil servants will tell you - they are a load of feckin' "psychic vampires". They don't suck the blood out of you. I wouldn't even go as far as to say they even suck the life force out of you... they just, sort of, slowly tap into and drain away your "innate ability to give a feck".
"I want 'something' done. Trouble is, I don't even have the brains to explain what 'something' is, never mind write a specification. It's all just a bit of a vague idea really. Probably do it all on computers these days don't they? So I'm going to get 'someone' to write me a specification for what 'something' is. Then I'll get 'someone else' to put all that into a tender (god forbid "I" should try that). Then I'll get them to put the tender out to 'people'. After that I'll ask 'another person' to look at the returns and award a contract - following me? Then - and here's the clever bit - once we've employed 'somebody' to do my important 'something' we'll get 'somebody else' to keep and eye on the contract and make sure 'somebody' is doing 'something' correctly. Otherwise the minister won't think I can do my job ... and we don't want that. Do we? And even if things do go wrong ... there's always a big chain of people between me and 'something' who can take the blame. As long as my pensions alright."

I have to get out at lunchtimes. I don't for one moment mean that everyone should go running at lunchtimes (my routes would be too busy for one thing). But I will never understand people who can sit at their desks every day.

So a fairly fast paced 6.7 mile up by the windswept desolate banks of the majestic Clyde was in order. Lovely. As per usual during the monsoon season the natives retreat to the relative comfort of their high rise hovels to while away the dreary hours watching Jeremy Kyle and flick through the JD Sports catalogue searching for inspiration for their next court appearance outfit (Reebok is soo last year).
I really enjoyed the run. Though to be honest I'd have preferred if the wind was going the other way (it was against me coming back). Soaked to the skin and the shoes were sodden.

So, last night when I got down to the club I was all in favour of a nice moderate 6 or 7 miles.
Which will be why we ended up doing another fast paced 11 miler! At least this time it wasn't raining (and I did have a change of kit). To be fair there are not going to be too many weeks left where we can get out into the country for longer runs so we might as well make the most of it.
BUT we ended up going through John Muir - twice- and that was like a quagmire in places.
My shoes, that are three months old, looked like something Time Team would excavate from one of their digs by the time we got back.

I know "opinion is divided" on how to treat shoes, but I just got rid of most of the excess muck this morning then bunged them in the washing machine. Don't know if it affects all the bouncy E.V.A stuff and "engineered" gel pockets and all the other "scientific" doo-dahs, but at least they look nice again.

Anyway. Hard run on Sunday and two hard runs yesterday. So today was a slow six mile run that could probably be described as "recovery" pace.

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