Tuesday, 13 September 2011



Well. That was a bit of an anti climax.

All my hatches were “battened” in a downward position and all my shutters were… well “shut”. The great storm that was to be the tail end of Hurricane Katia didn’t quite live up to the apocalyptic prophesies of the met office or the gleeful doom-mongers of Transport Scotland.

It was “windy”. Yes. But then again it’s Autumn and we live in Scotland – it’s supposed to be windy!

You got the feeling though that BBC Scotland had spent ages getting ready and weren’t going to allow a non-story slip through the net. So we got the usual images of leaves literally being blown off branches (“Oh the humanity”), eejits with umbrellas, and a couple of west coast numpties getting a soaking from a big wave at Saltcoats by standing within three feet of a sea wall during a high wind at high tide (amazing).

Actually quite enjoyed being out in it for a couple of runs. Very windy, but surprisingly mild.

That said, I’m looking to get out for a couple of long runs soon and hope the wind dies down a bit before then.

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Yak Hunter said...

You mean its not that bad? I've been hiding under the bed!