Wednesday, 17 August 2011


OK. So the general ache, pain and "hotness" of the leg inflammation has died away. As has almost all the swelling and discolouration.
Though with regard the discolouration it's sometimes difficult to tell as most runners have ridiculous tan lines (second only to cyclists).
And speaking of cyclists - anyone who's had to change a big sticky plaster on their leg three times a day or so will tell you why cyclists shave their legs!
I hope that its a good sign, but I've now become more aware of pains around the wound itself. I hope this is due to the healing process. Find out tomorrow when I have an appointment with the nurse - supposedly to get the stitches out, but given the amount of crap that's still seeping out I doubt that.
Decided to try a bit of an ice pack. Would it stay on? Would it bollocks.
And so... I give you, in the spirit of Heath Robinson, my impromptu "ice-pack-holding-on-device".
You will need:
One knee (sore)
One small sandwich bag full of ice.
One "Buff"
One bulldog-clip (large).


The instant pain relief has helped me enjoy a few lovely jazz acquisitions that have been made these past few days. Top of the list has to be Eberhard Weber's "Little Movements" that has an early version of his truly beautiful tune "The Last Stage Of A Long Journey".... "Hmm ..jazz [n]ice"

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