Saturday, 20 August 2011


The recovery seems to be going pretty much "to plan".
Thursday saw the removal of the stitches - "Thank you lord". Well.. thanks to the nurse who actually took them out to be more precise. Certainly a lot less painful coming out than they were going in.
The nurse, however, was a shade concerned that one part of the wound hadn't fully closed yet, so she put on a couple of those strip things to keep it held together. Then a nice big dressing on top of that. As well as a load of dressings to take away to that foreign when we go (and a second emergency supply of antibiotics in case it flares up again).
Don't think I''ll need the second batch of the antibiotics as the first seem to have worked and the leg is now looking much more like it's former self - all finely honed, athletic and lithe.
In fact - it's actually looking a lot better than it previously did and a lot better than its left sided partner in some ways, due to some "grooming"..
I was so fed up of ripping out my leg hairs every time I changed the dressing, that my right knee, lower thigh and upper shin now sports a dam alluring "Brazilian" as I believe the term is (Oooh err missus).

Been years since I shaved my legs! Used to do it fairly regularly in my lycra clad, two wheeled days. Not because it helped me any, you understand.. I just liked it!

Anyway. The strips to hold the scar together lasted all of 24 hours and came off yesterday with the plaster. BUT the wound appears to be holding together quite well and there does appear to be a bit more mobility to the knee. I even ran/jogged all of ten yards across the road yesterday and stairs no longer pose the challenge they once did.

MIGHT try for a little jog or two when we're away. If I can find room in my luggage for shoes, shorts and a top - hardly any room among all the dressings, pain killers and stand by second course of antibiotics.

Off today to help out at the Haddington Half, looks like a nice day for it. Then tomorrow I'm away to watch 4 Dunbar runners do the Northumberland Costal Marathon. It's nice when you find runners who, when injured,  enjoy finding the time to support others..... Sadly I'm not one of them.. I just stand there full of seething jealously and resentment (petty, but true none the less).

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