Friday, 5 August 2011



According to a report just published, one third of (cough) “adults” uses a “smart” phone.

I disagree (Quelle surprise!). A tiny fraction of adults use smart-phones.

The rest appear to be slightly over evolved primates who stand around in the middle of pavements jab, jab, jabbing away at their shinny jab-screen, with the bemused slack-jawed expression of some curios chimp poking at an ant hill with a stick.

Either that or sitting about on their fat arse boring everyone with the details of their new “app” that allows them to check the mean average temperature in Katmandu – very feckin’ handy.



Can you download an “app” that warns you that there’s other users on the pavement? That way you could shift your glakit fat arse every now and then.




Not a fan of these things really.

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