Saturday, 13 August 2011


Never been what you might call "easy going" or, god forbid, "cheery". But this knee injury is really getting every grumpy fibre in my grumpy body to go into sensory overdrive.
I am feckin' fed up .... BIG time.
It just is not getting any better. The wound still hasn't completely sealed and the knee and lower leg are swollen and red.
I'm lucky if I can bend the leg any more than about 10 degrees and simple things like getting breeks on and off is problematic (least said about going to the cludgie the better).
I know its only been 4 days. Christ alone knows what I'll be like after a week.
Any other time I've been injured I can at least do something else like swim or cycle to "take the edge off". But given that I can hardly walk that's a non starter.

Went into work on Thursday and it was Hell, just couldn't get comfortable or concentrate and even noticed that blood was coming through the dressing and through my trousers (lovely).
Ended up working from home on Friday. Still sore and difficult to concentrate...but at least I could be misserable in the comfort of my own home.. and wear baggy joggies!

Got an appointment to get the stitches out on Thursday, but I'm even having doubts that will happen... What looks VERY unlikely is me starting the Costal marathon a week tomorrow.


Yak Hunter said...

I'm sorry to be a worry wart and I know SQUAT (squat doodle!) about wounds but your lower leg being red and swollen doesn't sound that good and I'm wondering if you've got an infection. If its very hot and sore - that's possible or if you're running a might be worth phoning NHS 24 to get their opinion about what you should do - having said that it might be entirely unhelpful...if you did have an infection it would make you feel grumpier than usual...Good Luck, sounds like a total bummer.

James Herring said...

Just read your blog and I agree with the above comment. Val