Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Feck. Feck. Feck. And "feck" again.
Every bloody year without fail (or so it seems).
Out with the club last night on what should have been a 10 or 11 mile run through John Muir, up by Pittcox and over to Burnhead...
Only for me it ended at 6.14 miles. Which is the exact point that I fell and split my knee open.
I knew straight away it was a bad one.. because I looked down at the knee cap just in time to see the large "flap" of flesh slowly cover itself back over the "raw" bit.
Don't know what brought me down. Honestly, I have no idea. One minute I'm running along fairly happy - trying to keep up with Grant, who was setting the pace. Next - I'm flat on my face. It was quite a narrow path (actually a one-tyre-tred-width of a "road" through a field), so it may have been that I caught the raised side and knocked one leg with another? I've no idea.
It was fairly obvious that I wasn't going to be continuing last night! So Grant cut his run a bit short and went back to Dunbar to get his car and take me back to Hallhill.
There Val put her nursing skills to good use and told me to get along to the Rooldlands in Haddington. They don't technically have an A&E there - but if your lucky they apparently sometimes clean up minor injuries.
Anne gave me a lift and off we went. They did clean it up - but only enough, after examining it, to get me to the A&E at the Royal. I was told by the Roodlands that "stitches were inevitable".
So, back into the car and off to the Royal Infirmary. Not my idea of a good night out - and not Anne's either!
Had to wait for about two hours before I was seen. That in itself doesn't bother me (they are busy people after all and a cut knee isn't life threatening). What does bother me are some of the "types" in the waiting room that the staff in there have to put up with (with a hell of a lot better grace than I could ever muster).
Got seen by a doctor who seemed to be in his element lifting the "flap" with pliers and scraping out all the grit and mud. "Well there's no damage to the muscles or tendons .... Look, you can see them!". Thanks, but no thanks..
Nine or ten painful attempts to put in seven stitches later and I was "good to go" (he pulled the thread all the way through twice and lost his loose end to tie!).
I really thought I knew what the answer to my question was going to be before I asked..."Eh. I'm supposed to be doing a marathon a week on Sunday...."
I thought the answer was going to be a simple "No. Your not". However, he reckons that if I get the stitches out (next Thursday), if it doesn't open up, if I don't fall again (no promises there) and if I don't bend the knee too much during the marathon I might be able to do it!
Problem is his idea of running a marathon may not be mine.. I might be able to jog round, but do I really want to? Also, we're going away on holiday the day after the mara.. do I really want to risk doing anything that might hinder that?
Either way. Next weeks Carfraemill to Gifford run is off my dance card. Bugger!
Didn't get home and in to bed last night till the back of two. Suffice to say that's another club night with no tea at the end of it!

Bloody sore today though. So loads of pain killers for me. And cake! And Chocolate... then back down to non-running "starvation rations" tomorrow.
Might try a wee walk later today - see how I get on.

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Anne said...

Uhh Oh - that sound to me as if the last of my chocolate has gone and I need to do more baking at the weekend (won't be chocolate cake anyway).