Monday, 15 August 2011


In an attempt to cheer myself up at the weekend we watched a travel film to aquaint ourselves with this years chosen location for our holidays....

"Bruges? F***in' Bruges? There's f*** all to do in f***in' Bruges, I'm f***in' tellin' ya."

With a bit luck they might be filming midgets. :-)


George said...

only a bloody philistine could have written that

Yak Hunter said...

I had a bit of a google and flucloxacillin seems like a fair choice. Don't for god's sake google cellulitis by the way!
Hope your leg's improving rapidly. I told Peter what you said about a spare number and his eyes lit up until he remembered he was planning to do Haddington Half on Saturday and The Lomonds of Fife Hill Race on Sunday. We loved In Bruge. Very funny, very dark.