Sunday, 28 August 2011


Haven't added anything for a wee while (well just over a week).
But what with being away in Bruges and having my mind firmly in "planet holiday" mode I've not really been thinking much about computers and t'internet etc.
However, it would be greatly remiss of me not to mention last Sunday and the Northumberland Coastal Marathon.
Obviously with my knee still giving me "jip" there was no way I was doing it and I travelled down with the sole intention of spectating. I'd like to say I like to do that when I can't run... I'd like to - but it would be a dirty big lie.
Anyway, went down to watch and ended up going round for most of the route with Jim who was down to support Val.
The route looked quite scenic - but almost all off road! Not my cup of tea at all and suddenly missing out on running it didn't look too bad.
Anne ran the way Anne runs best... find a pace and stick to it. And it seems to have worked.
At one point when she passed me and Jim (at, I think, about 16 miles) she was second lady and had appeared to have a good lead on the female who was third.
At this point I went back to the finish line while Jim continued to go to various parts of the course to meet Val.
By the time I got to the finish Ian was already in (in third place).
I was away taking pictures of some boats on the beach when I happened to look around the corner from the finish line... and there was Anne coming towards the line. I had a quick look back to see if the girl in front of her was in - but no, she wasn't.
I manged to get back just in time for a photo.
Turns out she caught the girl in front (obviously) and passed her.
First Lady - not bad at all.
Don't know if it means she'll want to go back next year and "defend" it or not.

After the race we headed back to the Red Lion for the prize giving.

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Yak Hunter said...

Somehow missed this post before. Someone from HELP (looking at the results of the SW race it looks like it was Frank McPartland) told me Anne had done really well in the coastal marathon but he forgot to mention she'd won. Well done!