Tuesday, 16 August 2011


As Ren and Stimpy would say "Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy".
Not getting much news to cheer me up at the moment, so what little I do I grab with both hands ... and this bit of news is a belter.
Well. OK it's only a belter if you like jazz, think a gold platted statue of Stan Tracey should be put up in every city and happen to think that his 1965 album "Under Milk Wood" is possibly the finest piece of music ever to be recorded.
I noticed on a trawl of t'interweb that Stan is doing a small tour.. just before Christmas. Sadly he's not coming north of the border.
The tour is a live performance of a new piece of work entitled "A Child's Christmas In Wales"...based, like "Milk Wood", on the Dylan Thomas work of the same name. I would love to hear this live, but to be honest there isn't much chance of getting to any of the gigs.
BUT... fear not. A quick check of Clark Tracey's website informs me that this has already been recorded and due for release in October!
One for the old Amazon "pre-order" I think.

45 years for a follow up album is a bit of a long time....

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