Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well. Took every one's advice and phoned NHS 24 yesterday.
After the recorded introduction of useful key pad activated options ("press 1 if you have a bit of a sniffle but fear it may be Swine 2 if you're currently standing by a pub pay phone with a knife sticking out of your chest, press 3........."etc.) I was put through to a very helpful human who took my details.
She informed me that within 3 hours a doctor would phone me back. Well hurrah for that I thought at least it's not immediately life threatening.
As it was a doctor called back within the hour.
I told him the symptoms while he "Ooohed" and "right...I see"'d before telling me ... "Sounds like you've got an infection.. can you get the Roodlands hospital in Haddington for 7pm"?
Yes I could.... and I did.
At the Roodlands I was taken straight away and checked out. In fact.. I turned up slightly early and was taken early!! Great service.
Didn't take a lot of checking to be honest as by this time I sported one finely honed athletic leg (the left) and one that looked like a bright pink sausage balloon (the right).
The nurse cleaned up the wound and re-dressed it and I was provided with a weeks supply of antibiotics.
A bit early yet to say if they are working or not. The swelling did seem to go down a bit over night, but I keep thinking its swelling up again as the day goes on (or that maybe thats just my paranoid imagination).
Either way. I'll see what it's like tomorrow then call my own GP if it's no better.


Yak Hunter said...

Oh that's good. I feel like a proper nurse now! What antibiotics did they give you?

Yak Hunter said...

When I say "oh that's good" - its not that great that your leg is still swollen but as long as the red area isn't getting bigger the infection should be contained and it'll go away - and who knows, you may yet get to run your marathon? Not the best prep though.

Stuart said...


Antibiotic is called "Flucloxacillin".
Wound still not fully healed yet - still a good bit of seeping; and nowhere near full mobility with the knee.
I'd be amazed if Im "jogging" by the end of the week, never mind a marathon on costal paths.

Know anyone who fancies doing 26.2 mile in a Dunbar vest, under an assumed name?