Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Tough club run last night.

The "big house"

Not quite every year, but usually round about this time of year someone has the bright idea of going through John Muir, up along the North Berwick road then turn right and along the back of the "big house" (along "limetree Walk"), out onto Tyninghame beach and then through the river Tyne and back via John Muir. And last night was the night.
Can't remember who suggested that route, but it was decided, to [mis]quote bloody awful management jargon, to "run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it" - and like a pack of idiots - we did!
Did not enjoy the last 4 miles or so at all. That's the bit after the river crossing and while it wasn't too deep this year it's still a bloody slog running over sand and mud banks with soaking wet shoes (and shorts). When you first clamber out of the water you seem to be running on muddy muscle beds for ages - horrible. Even when you get back to John Muir, what seemed so easy on the way there seems now to be so rough and uneven that every footfall suddenly becomes a considered effort.
Probably didn't help that I'd went along with Ian and the first 8 miles were all about 6:30 pace. I was enjoying the first part and I felt quite good, but somehow I knew that I'd suffer after the crossing.
Probably didn't help myself either by doing 7 miles at "pace" earlier in the day.
Don't rate my chances of a good time at Berwick tonight - legs are empty.

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