Sunday, 10 July 2011


Anne was a bit off colour earlier this week. Bit of an upset stomach.
Turns out both our next door neighbours have been similarly affected by the lurgy.

Coincidence? Perhaps.

But then yesterday we got a letter from the council... Our private water supply gets tested every now and then. Usually passes with flying colours...... not this time.

Our water is awash with various bacteria and germs and all  sorts of gruesome what-not's. All this is put in "boffin-jargon", but a quick delve through the portal of google into the murky depths of the interweb reveals that the water may have become contaminated with some *ahem* "natural livestock by-products". Oh dear... Sounds like bull shit to me (or coo shit or sheep shit).

The water is OK to boil and to cook with (apparently), but not to drink straight from the tap. Think a wee trip to the supermarket to stock up on bottled water may be on the cards.

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