Sunday, 31 July 2011


Got the details through, via email, of the route for the Coastal Marathon in three weeks time.
Hmm. Much running on sand and paths. PB out the question. Looks like one to simply put down to.. "I'm going along for fun".
They say the course has been "measured", but if any runner feels its too short they can feel free to run on for a bit longer if they want!!Very good.

As per usual there has been no structured training regime or schedule for this race. Just doing what feels right on a week by week basis. Last couple of weeks have been a bit high mileage (65+), and I may keep up that trend this week and next, then have one weeks taper/easy week the week before the race.

Managed to "back fill" all the dates from March onwards into my backup log (took bliddy ages). Must remember to keep backups a bit more regularly.

On the old jazz front, after last weeks little dip into the avant garde I've been keeping it a bit straightforward and mainstream this week.
Got a copy of a classic album not so long ago. Johnny Dankworth and his orchestra "What The Dickens".  Where has this been all my life?? What a fantastic record.
Well sadly, for most of my life it's been "unavailable" (it's life being ever so slightly shorter than mine). This record isn't available on CD! I can't believe it.
It's a veritable who's who of UK jazz from the golden age (early 60's). Dankworth, Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Jimmy Deuchar, Bobby Wellins... even a young Kenny Wheeler.
I love this set. 15 tracks; each based on a Dickens character (or characters). Favourite has got to be "Ghosts". Inspired by the ghosts in A Christmas Carol, where past, present and future are represented by Christmas music played in the form of trad jazz, mainstream jazz and modern jazz (in that order).
Beautiful, record. It almost makes me wish I hadn't signed the pledge..... Winters night..nice hot fire..crystal tumbler of Glenfiddich..and this album playing..perfect!!
As I say though, not available as a CD! Unbelievable. Who owns the rights to this record and why on earth hasn't it seen the light of day these last twenty odd years? They should be taken out and forced to explain themselves...(then shot).
I only managed to get this as some wonderful soul has loaded a bootleg copy onto t'internet.
I don't feel bad about downloading. It's an excellent quality copy... but if this was released tomorrow on CD I'd still rush out and buy it.

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