Sunday, 10 July 2011


Trying to keep up to date with the Tour this year. What I've managed to see I've quite enjoyed ... especially yesterday's successful breakaway by Da Costa. I do like to see a breakaway like that work out. Sprint finishes are all good and well but they do tend to get a bit "samey".

Keeping up to date with the Tour would have been easier if my digi box receiver/recorder hadn't gone "fizzzzk" on Wednesday.. it's been playing up for a while, and the internal hard drive was sounding like an old tin box full of bolts, but it finally gave up the ghost (with a little help from me). And, of course, since the "switchover" I didn't even have good old reliable analogue telly to fall back on (how's that "progress"?).
But I'm back in business with a new receiver and a new recorder so I should hopefully be OK for the important mountain stages.
The new recorder doesn't have a hard drive in it. Instead it's got three USB ports and you can record to any device you plug in. So not only can I watch stuff on my telly, but I can watch it on my PC or a portable device. Handy. Don't know if I will watch anything on a PC or portable device... but at least I could if I wanted.

Still. Not sitting about watching TV all day. No, no. Still getting out for runs. Couple of long runs for the last few weekends, so this weekend's LSD was only about 10 miles on Saturday and 13 today. Quite enjoyed it though. Northumberland Coastal Marathon coming up in 6 weeks though, so I'd better get a couple of 20+ runs under my belt fairly soon (couple of days off might be on the cards).

But I don't want to concentrate solely on distance. Plan to go down to Berwick on Tweed this Wednesday for the "Curfew Run" - a 1.2 mile dash round the town walls. It's five years or so since I did that one last. Then it's the Musselburgh 10k in a week or so. Missed that one last year, so I'm keen to run it this time.

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