Friday, 1 July 2011


Got ready to go a run the other day, only to find that my Garmin was dead. Strange, as I'd only recharged it the day before - though not so strange given that after charging it I'd obviously left it on overnight! (it's working fine now).
Thing is though, I ended up having to do the run "sans Garmin" and only with my trusty stop watch.
Weird that it really took the absence of the Garmin to make me realise how dependent I've become on it.
I knew I didn't have it.. but that didn't seem to stop me checking my wrist every few minutes in the hope that I would see an indication of my pace and heart rate.
We really do become dependent on technology very quickly (or at least I seem to). You buy something as a "bit of a luxury" and in no time at all it seems to have become an "essential".
However, for that particular run (Lovely Leith) I've done it so often that I had a rough idea of every mile marker so I was able to do some old fashioned, mental arithmetic, pace judgement.
What surprised me at the end, when I checked my records, was to discover that the run was the fastest I've done that route in about two years.
Perhaps because I didn't have the Garmin I was over compensating??

Black Rock Five tonight, through in Fife. A great race. And it's a really nice night. And I left it too late to enter ... bollocks!!

Still. It's Friday and two days free time beckons. Hope the weather holds till Sunday as I want to increase the dosage of my LSD a wee bit.

Started the weekend on a bit of an upbeat note...Warren Vache "Dream Dancing". A splendid little confection of 12 mainstream numbers (a collection of toe tapers and ballads). Spoiled only slightly on Warren's decision to sing on the last track .. oh dear. The album is lifted by having Bill Charlap on piano. Both "mainstream" jazz musicians, but I'd say that while Vache's stream often flows towards the "trad", Charlop's flows in a "modern" direction. But this is Vache's album.. so ... nothing "fancy", nothing "taxing on the listener". Just really, really well played jazz. And sometimes that's exactly what you want! Unlike technology, however, I don't think I'll ever become dependant on Warrens vocals!

Been checking out Mr Vache's records for a while now and saw this one appear on t'internet cheaply (postage cost more than the disc)

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