Thursday, 14 July 2011



Did the Berwick “Curfew Run” last night. One of those nice mid-week, summer races that I don’t do enough of! I always go into summer full of good intentions but come out of it having done very little.

The weather was glorious, if perhaps a little hot for a sprint, and that seemed to have encouraged a fairly sizeable field and quite a lot of spectators. Certainly there seemed to be a lot more runners than the last time I did this run 4 years ago.

1.2 miles around the old “town walls”. The race starts at 8:00 and runners are supposed to complete the run in 13 minutes – that being the time that the “curfew bell” takes to ring. That said, I’ve never heard the bell while I’m doing this race….. maybe they don’t ring it anymore.

Because it’s only 1.2 miles seniors and juniors set off together and there is a chance that you can get boxed in on the narrow paths at the start by overly enthusiastic kids! Not last night though and I got away fairly quickly.

There is a tough little hill about half way round the route, as you go along the banks of the Tweed and then under the arches of one of the three bridges that span it. The climb can also prove to have a little sting in it. You get to what you think is the top only to find you have a right turn and the climb goes on for another 100m or so.

Don’t know what my position was, but I was fairly happy to get round in 7:16. The legs were not too bad after Tuesdays tough run, but a judicious, moderate dosage of brufen before the race may have helped.

Nice wee run, well organised and with a good “community feel” – and you manage to get back home in time for a late(ish) tea and get up to date with the highlights of the Tour De France J

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