Thursday, 23 June 2011


I like it when it’s loud and brash and angular and hard hitting…. But sometimes I want my jazz quiet and thoughtful and of a musical style slightly “chamber”.

And if that’s your bag as well then look no further than John Taylor’s new offering “Requiem For A Dreamer” – 7 pieces; all inspired, apparently, by the science fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut. For this album Taylor is joined by the usual two members of his trio – Palle Danielsson on bass and Martin France on drums. But this time round they are joined by saxophonist Julian Argüelles.
Though quiet and thoughtful, it’s not necessarily “easy” listening as Argüelles weaves some pretty intricate patterns around Taylors piano chords – there’s lots to keep the ears busy here.
Favourite (so far) is “Somebody I Used To Be” which starts off with a nice strolling bass line from Danielsson before moving off into a flight of fancy between piano and sax.
Some of the tracks, especially "Ice 9", sound very [English] folkish/pastoral and remind me of some of John Surmans early stuff, though Argüelles sax is a bit sharper than the soft oboe sound of Surman.
Some nice vocal work from the band too (not “singing”) on the track Calypso 53.
Taylor lectures at York university and therefore plays there quite a bit. Must keep an eye on upcoming events and see if I cant mix a trip down to York with a chance to see him live again.

This is one of 5 new CDs I've got this week and there’s another 4 on their way from the murky bowels of Amazon's jazz repository (I think you can get cream for "murky bowels"). Nothing on this weekend. Nowhere to be and no one to meet…. So other than a bit of LSD I’m going to see if I can get my arse to take root to the sofa while I loaf around and get acquainted with the CDs and reacquainted to my erader. A sort of one man Glastonbury...not!

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