Monday, 27 June 2011



Got woken up early yesterday.

A house martin had flown in the window and was frantically trying to get out the [closed] window at the other side of the bedroom. Masses of house martins round our way at the moment. Quite enjoy watching them in the evening and early morning swooping and diving close to the house and sweeping down to the road to catch the low flying insects. More than once I’ve been convinced that one is going to come into the house. And this one did….

Me getting out of bed and up to try and help it only served to spook the thing and it ended up flapping its way through to the spare bedroom/office/howff/whatever.

Again I had to rush through and open both the windows here to try and coax it out. Finally got rid of it, but not until it had shat all over my computer monitor!!

One of the problems at this time of year. I like to sleep with a window wide open all year round (even in the depths of winter) – but especially at this time. But you do make your living space vulnerable to intrusion from birds, cats, mice and god knows what else…..

The “joys” of country living.


bdd said...

FFS. What do you expect? They aren't called house martins for nothing.

Stuart said...

Come in the house - by all means.
Shit on my monitor? No!!