Sunday, 5 June 2011


I'd been planning on doing the Haddington 10k this year. Normally a 5 mile race, but HELP have "upped" it to a 10k to try and raise it's profile. Anyway, I ended up scratching it off my dance card and went along to help out by doing the results.
From what I did hear from the runners who did it though, the 10k seems to be a good route and, given that there appeared to be a few more runners than last year, increasing it may be a good move.
Some pretty good times were posted, and Dunbar came away with a couple of trophies (2nd and 3rd lady, as well as first local vet).
Unfortunately because I was ensconced in a small room with my lap top for the duration, I didn't really get a chance to chat with anyone till after the prize giving.
So, because I knew I wasn't racing this weekend, I went out for 11 miles yesterday. Then today I went out for a wee bit "recreational LSD" along by Spott, Pitcox, the bridle path that goes along by the A1 then home via Starvation Brae. It's really only been a few weeks, but it feels like a long time since I've done a "normal" Sunday run like that.

Might look at changing my dosage of LSD though. It's been suggested to me I may be doing too much "quantity" and not enough "quality". However, given that it was Graeme who told me this I'm merely taking this advice as a thinly disguised way of him saying he wants to up the pace when I meet him for our occasional lunchtime runs through in the DGP. J

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