Sunday, 15 May 2011


Due to a colossal wave of apathy that swept over my brain this morning creating a barren lack of imagination in its wake I ended up doing the same run as yesterday. That's twice recently that I've got up on a Sunday and just cant be bothered thinking of a new route.
However, at least while I was out I did feel a bit of remorse and ended up adding on another little loop through the woods and over by Crichness that added about three miles to yesterdays total.

Quite enjoyed it to be honest. It's a very hilly, off road run (mainly), so I don't feel too bad about keeping the pace down.
I like the route over there. I just don't like the wind farm. I am not a fan of wind turbines. They're ugly, noisy, inefficient and cost more to install than they will ever produce ... I think to be honest they just remind me too much of civil servants!
Anyway, just under thirteen miles... and I didn't see another soul. Complete isolation - I love it.

Ended up going back to Knowes Farm Shop today. We were there yesterday for the weekly fruit and veg etc. But Anne also wanted a bag of "Pink Poo", so we thought we'd go back when we didn't have all the weekly food in the boot at the same time. As the great Paul Calf would say... "Bag o' shite"!

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