Sunday, 1 May 2011


Well, had a rest day yesterday. Kind of. I think. I'm not sure...
When does last night become this morning? I mean I know that at midnight Saturday technically becomes Sunday. But if your out  over that particular period do you still call it Saturday night or Sunday morning?

I only ask as I ended up going a run at 3:29am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Bit of a strange time to be out training I admit.
Sadly Woodhall is blighted by a pestilence... hippy scum. It's a bit of a blight of twenty first century living and hippy scum are pretty much the rural equivalent of their close urban relative the "chav filth".

The *cough* "ancient" Beltane festival - a bit like "Avatar" meets a  Busby Berkeley musical happening
Apparently this is "Beltane" (??) an ancient Celtic festival that's shrouded in mystery and can trace it's roots as far back as the mid 1980's. Wow... that is old. Although to be fair for a hash-addled f* wit with the attention span of a retarded fruit fly that is ancient!
Anyway its an excuse for hash-heads to have a fire and make lots of noise. So at 3:29 (according to my Garmin) I set off for a little trot. Complete with headlight, hi-viz bib and arm lights.
I did this, as I decided that there was no chance of me getting anything near a good nights sleep - so I might as well get my run in now and then "rest" for the remainder of the day.
Sadly in my befuddled state at 3:29 I'd forgotten my inhaler... I'd also forgotten that the batteries on my head light were probably needing renewed so I only eventually managed a few miles (I'd been thinking of about 16). The lack of a torch wasn't too problematic as it was pretty much a clear night/morning. But the lack of the inhaler (or rather the "knowledge" that I lacked an inhaler) immediately kicked in the old asthma.
However, my route did take me past the revelries and I did happen to suggest that they may wish to consider shutting the f* up a bit. Don't know what confused the f*-wits more. Someone coming to complain at 3:30, or someone coming to complain at 3:30 in shorts, hi-viz vest, with a hi-viz bandanna on their head and a head torch!

The above is written after calming down. A previous draft would have contained the words "cattle trucks", "special", "treatment" and "gas". I'll leave it for you to sort it out.

Anyway. Finally got back and managed a few hours kip. Then this morning (yes. it was - this was post breakfast) went for a 13 mile trot. Surprised myself that I managed it quite easily and quickly.
Perhaps a wee lesson there - run "angry".

All quiet ... a bit calmer this afternoon.
Even our neighbourly donkeys were unimpressed by the hippy revelries and, like me, let their voices be heard.

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