Friday, 6 May 2011



This tinnitus is a real pain in the arse (well metaphorically at least).

I’ve been “self medicating” in an effort to ease it. No idea whatsoever if it’ll help or what the “science” is, but I’ve been placing a drop or two of olive oil into the old lugs every day. Just in an attempt to give ‘em a bit of a “spring clean” so to speak. “Extra Virgin” olive oil, by the way, nowt but the best in our kitchen.

Started administering the dose with a spoon but that was just too messy … Then, I tried cleaning out an old nasal inhaler I had and filling that with oil, but the “squirter” bit was odd, or misshapen, and I just ended up “skooshing” oil into my hair… so I got myself one of those wee dropper things.

Anyhow. Seems to be working… the hissing in my left ear is much clearer now J.

Yesterday, saw me reacquaint myself with the many charity shops in the greater Leith conurbation after my [all too brief] holiday. I’ve been going through a bit of a bad patch lately … bit of a “drought”, where I’ve not really found anything. Well it looks like my luck might be changing. Michael Brecker “Time Is Of The Escence”. Three different drummers on this album, but Brecker appears on all tracks on sax, as do Pat Methaney on guitar and Larry Golding on organ. What I’ve heard of it so far sounds promising. I’m not keen on Brecker’s early fusion stuff, but this seems to be fairly powerful, but veering a bit more towards hard bop. A bit of a change for Methaney as well

Anyway. This was at lunchtime…. About an hour after I’d applied my daily dose of oil. Couldn’t understand why the girl who served me was looking at me so funny. Till I got back to work and caught sight of myself in the cludgie mirror – two big “oil slicks” – one down each side of my head and neck! Looked like my brain had been seeping out. Must have missed a bit when I was mopping up!!

I’ll give the CD a better listen to tonight.

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