Wednesday, 4 May 2011


“Chinless wonder weds – half-brother acts as best man”.

“Beardy rag-head buried at sea with all the respect he deserves”*

Never mind all the rubbish of the last few days. How about this for a headline “Stuart Hay enjoys day at work”.
I kid you not.
There’s a fund raising day at work today for the RNLI (a worthy cause). Anyway, as well as the usual bucket rattling, cake sales etc there is a sponsored run. But inside – on treadmills.
The idea being for £5 you get a 40 minute slot to do 5K – or however far you can manage in 40.
Decisions, decisions. “Should I sit behind my desk, or pay £5 and go for a run?”. So, off I trotted.
I don’t know if I was taking it too seriously or the others weren’t taking it seriously enough – but I was the only one who went outside for a bit of a warm up first.
Anyway. Did 6.5 miles in just under 39 minutes.

Not a huge fan of treadmills but it’s a good cause. You really miss the "air" you get when running outside (even on a still day). The sweat was gushing out of me at the end.
Anyway £5 to get away from work and run for 40 minutes? That’s a bargain. In fact if it’s nice weather tomorrow I’d be more than happy to give them £10 and just run from Leith to Dunbar!

* That would be with a leg of ham rammed up his arse then?

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