Saturday, 28 May 2011


The contents of my stomach wasn't the only thing I lost at the Edinburgh Marathon last week.
Yet again one of my running hats got tossed aside. This time about two miles into the race as I was going through Holyrood Park.

Get ahead - get a hat!

Just decided it was too hot to run with that on and threw it away...Didn't fancy running 24 miles carrying a cap. A decision I somewhat regretted on Monday when the sun burned baldy bit of my head hit the hot shower!

So, my stock of headgear is diminishing - time to restock. We were in Perth yesterday and I went into the local cycle shop there.
At one point I had quite a wee collection of cycle caps. Quite like them. They're a bit more refined and "European" than baseball caps (as, I like to think, I am). And more importantly bright and garish (as I'm not)!!
It's YEARS since I bought one so I was a wee bit shocked to discover that my concept of inflation has become somewhat adrift of the reality of inflation ("for a f***in' hat"?), but then again I think the last time I bought one Greg LeMond was winning the Tour for "team Z". Remember them?

Anyway, found enough pennies in my pocket money and got one. Dam stylish it is too (or perhaps my concept of style has also come adrift from reality). To be honest I don't think runners are renowned for their sense of style.
"Luckily" when I went for a wee run into the windfarms today it was howling a gale and throwing down hail stones - so I got a chance to try it out.

Did it keep rain/hail off head? - check.
Did it keep glasses dry? - check.
Did it keep sun off baldy bit? - check.
Did it make wearer look like a tit? - check.

The legs are getting better - but still not back to 100% yet (no "bounce"), so a nice easy week before next weekends Haddington 10K.

Got a phone call from Mr Brown yesterday. Amazingly I actually had my mobile (a) "with me" and more amazingly (b) "switched ON" (I own a mobile but find it a bit of hindrance in my misanthropic quest for solitude) .
Anyway, he called to give me the heads up. The program for this years Edinburgh Jazz festival got announced yesterday. It would appear that there are a few things that I really fancy.


Davie said...

Get yourself a buff. Keeps you warm, dry and makes you look a tit. But if it gets too hot it becomes a sweatband or wristband to wipe the salty liquid.

Yak Hunter said...

Buffs ARE practical but they don't have the same panache...Peter and me like the hat! Well done on your Edinburgh Marathon time by the way. We heard it was really windy but it doesn't seem to have affected you too much!