Monday, 2 May 2011


Not the "splashdown" landing of the Apollo missions for me, sadly tomorrow will bring a bumpy return to earth a bit more like the Russian cosmonauts bumpy landing on some barren plain.
Yes indeed, that's the end of my time here on the happy and rarefied atmosphere of  "planet-time-off" and its time to start another tenure on planet "why-the-feck-am-I-here?" (a.k.a. "work"). A whole three and a bit weeks before my next 4 day weekend!!
Been a good "week and a bit" though. The weather has been amazing, so the "runners tan" has started early this year. I have noticed however that while on previous years where I have a white band round the wrist, where my watch goes, I now have a stupid sort of white "square" where my Garmin sits!
Did a last wee celebratory nine mile run up and round the wind farms. Really nice up there today - I think the guys who work up there got the bank holiday today so I never met or saw a soul (other than the usual sheep and cows). Strange that while it was warm it's the first run in a good few weeks where I've been aware of the wind. Did make it a bit tougher.
You get good views of most of East Lothian up there...


Ray said...

Hi Stuart
It's Ray from the other side of the planet... you know planet time off for a trip. I took a look at the photos of the 120km. Looked like you had good weather. Sorry I missed it this year, but there's always next year. I'm back in Scotland in August... happy running

Stuart said...

Cheers Ray.
Following your trip on your site. Looks great.

Always get a bark off Harvey when I run through Innerwick :-)