Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Quite a busy weekend coming up...
Off to see Tommy Smith and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra on Friday, then a pasta party at Ian and Jane's on Saturday afternoon, all rounded off with the Edinburgh Mara' on Sunday morning.
Oh... how could I forget.... and the world comes to an end on Saturday at 6pm as well. Which is nice.

Well. To be fair it only starts to end on Saturday afternoon. Apparently that's the time of the "Rapture" when all the goody two shoes get whisked up to "heaven" while the rest of has hang about down here suffering unimaginable horrors till October 21st.... Then the world really does come to an end. Apparently (probably best not pre enter the Jedburgh Half too early this year then).

So. There you go. I'm maybe missing the point a bit, but I kinda hope that the 2% or so who get whisked off to play their harps contain a large proportion of runners who are faster than me in the Edinburgh Marathon (though if they're that bloody righteous why are they out running on the "lords day"?). It might help push me up the overall classification a wee bit on Sunday. Maybe a new category could also be created  "first M40+ unbeliever".

Whatever. It's a brilliant ready made excuse for anyone who doesn't do too well ..... "Ach. It was a bit hot. There was that awful head wind. My legs felt a bit heavy. Oh... and the world was coming to an end round about me."

Strange that there has been little about this in the main stream news. (bit in the Independant). But then again the only bit of the Guardian I read is Doonesbury....

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