Sunday, 22 May 2011


Well "the Rapture" was a bloody disappointment. Sat about looking out the window till just after six - sod all. Ended up just watching Dr Who like every other Saturday night.
Another reason I was looking forward to is was a nice excuse not to do the Edinburgh Marathon today. Ah well.... might as well get the kit on and tootle off and run 26.2 miles then.

Anne gave me and Neil J a lift into the start and then we hooked up with Ian and Brian so the four of us put our stuff into the baggage bus and went down to our allotted starting pens via a slight "pit stop" (remember - don't piddle in the gardens).
First mile was a bit frantic - but then it's like that at most busy races, with people jostling for position and a bit room (always hand to adopt a "sticky out elbow" style of running here).

I has a "cunning plan" today. Because there was a brisk westerly wind, I knew it was going to be in our favour for the best part of the run - but right in our faces for the last six. I knew I'd lose valuable time in the last six miles and decided that I'd try, without adding too much effort myself, to try and let the wind work for me and see if I could gain some time.

It worked - kind of. My splits for the first 20 mile look quite good (in fact I did the first twenty in about eight minutes quicker than I did the E2NB earlier this month). Even managed a couple of 6:07 miles going out along by the prom and Joppa.

I actually really enjoyed the first twenty miles. But then, oh Lordy, not long after the turn out of Gosford House the wind hit you like a sledge hammer. My times just went to pot - big time. Didn't enjoy the lovely mix of "in yer face" wind and hail stones we got subjected to at one point at the Pans either. You never gain, with the wind in your favour what you lose when it's against you though.

On the return leg and looking better than I felt (Photo - Gordon Eadie)

Other problems today? Well yes. The old problem with my stomach. Ended up having a couple of spews on the trot (at one point getting very close to hittinga cyclist) and one where I stopped at one point and was bent over while I was wracked with dry heaves. It's always just liquid that I bring up. Don't know what's best. I've had a couple of things to eat since the end of the race and it's still giving me bother.

Anyway, enough of this talk. Crossed the line in 2:55:52 which, given the conditions, I'm more than chuffed with. Not a PB, but it's the fastest I've ever done Edinburgh in. Ian met me as I crossed the line (he got 2:49) then we made our way back to the repatriation area via the various stalls where you get your bag and medal etc.
Because the race finished on the road this year (rather than the race course) the organisers weer not wanting friends/family/hangers on and spectators at the finish line, so they set up a big screen at the repatriation area for people to see the runners come in..... great idea if the screen had worked. Perhaps its a big Freeview box that is getting affected by the impending digital switchover? I think they will get a few complaints about that.

Main thing is... that's it done. Hate the taper.... but I do enjoy having a nice quiet "recovery week". Might try to do a wee recover run tomorrow (weather permitting).


George said...

98th Not Bad!

John Kynaston said...

Well done Stuart.

Excellent time in those conditions.