Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The taper is always a difficult time. I don’t enjoy not running.

I can manage a rest day on a Friday easily enough, but I find it hard at other points.
I think one of the main reasons is that running is, quite frankly, one of the few things that I enjoy and gives me any modicum of feeling of achievement.
Work, for me at the moment, is little more than a suppurating wound festering away at my soul. I absolutely detest my work situation right now. The only thing that is positive from work is the money. Problem is my hatred of my work is starting to seep into and affect other aspects of my life and it's starting to get to me.
I know that having a job makes me “luckier” than some, but …..
16 years in the same job.. Maybe it really is time to get out.
The contract I work on is going out to tender soon. Every four years or so we basically have to compete for our own jobs, while a bunch of f*wit civil servants sit about on their fat arses counting down the days till they collect their index linked pensions and sit and tell us how lucky we are.
If I'm 100% honest I don't even know if I want us to win this time.

Rant over…. Went out for four miles at lunchtime. A shorter route than usual up by the majestic Clyde. Just had to get out the office before I damaged myself or somebody else.
Have to try and get my head into a better place.

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