Wednesday, 13 April 2011


About a year ago I switched to Brooks shoes. Very happy. No problems.
However, the last pair I got back in early February were a different "style" of Brooks. Previously I'd got Adrenaline, but this time I thought I'd try Ravenna. Feck me has that been a mistake.
Happy to start with, very cushioned and the "motion control" was/is great. BUT .. despite them being a size 8.5 (as the previous pairs) and supposedly being a regular width they feel a lot "snugger".
I suspect they've probably been built to a different size spec all together.
Bottom line? As the mileage goes up these things are beating the crap out of my toes.
I've been slathering the toes in vas' and performing remedial surgery on blisters... but it just can't go on.
I'm thinking I'll throw in the towel and either go back to Adrenaline's or even go back to ASICS...

 Hate admitting defeat like that, but I cant go on. Got a few days off work coming up soon and want to spend the time doing some long runs. I need good shoes for that.


Billy said...


Are these pics from Amnesty International? Might sound daft but why not just go to a size 9?

Good run on Sunday btw.

Stuart said...


I take a size 8 for shoes in civvy wear - so 8.5 for running is normaly fine. This last pair just seem narrow.

Put that much vasaline on my feet the other day it was just about spurting through the lace holes!

You doing the Fling this year?

Billy said...

Not entered yet. Overall mileage a bit low to be honest but then the Fling's one of those races worth doing just for the crack, so will probably enter this week. Still time for you to enter too!