Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Things are bimbling along quite nicely here on plant time off.
Into the sort of "no mans land" between the two long weekends now and getting into quite a nice wee routine. Lazy breakfast, run, read, jazz etc. etc. Trying to get the balance right between getting the mileage in and not over doing things (no rest day for 11 days now).

Trying to remain calm as well, and not fry my brains on the triple excitement of "a" the impending Royal nuptials, "b" a Scottish Parliamentary election and "c" an exciting AV referendum - always considered myself to be a republican, but if I did have to chose one of the three to give a toss about then, lets face it, at least we get the day off for the wedding (though even then I intend to be half way through a 22 mile run while it's on the telly).

However, it's not all R&R here. No indeed some things have to carry on as usual, so it was a trip to Tesco today to stock up on messages. Oh dear me. Must have picked the wrong time of day to go. I felt rather foolish and unfashionable, being about the only man in the shop without a facial tattoo. Nice though of the local comprehensive to give so many young mums the time off school to go shopping.
Christ it was like stepping onto the set of the Jeremy Kyle show...

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