Saturday, 2 April 2011


Today was the clubs annual 10k race, so it was a bit of an early start for us.
Down at Hallhill pretty early to help get things set up etc.
Officially my title is "Race Director". I think that's supposed to involve an aura of calm - "a steady hand" and all that. In reality, for me at least, the role involves a lot of running around and shouting "feck" while everyone else gets on with things.

Went for a short run when I got home - just about 5 miles.
Don't know what I'll do tomorrow. I want to/need to/should be doing about 16 mile, but I'm getting a bit of a sore throat. It could be the result of shouting "feck" a lot today, but I suspect that I've finally succumb to the lurgy that's been on the go for a while (Anne's just getting over it).

So the 16 mile may turn into 6........

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