Tuesday, 22 March 2011



I’m “tapering” this week …. only I’m not.

I’ve got a race on this weekend …… only, I’ve not.

For the life of me I cant give a good explanation as to why I did it.. but I’ve gone and entered a 50k race this weekend in Perth. So the “taper” is really just my usual mileage – but a bit slower to keep the legs fresh.

Am I ready for a 50k race? No – well not to race it.. Have I trained for a 50k? No, but I’m hoping that my average weekly mileage of 50+ since Christmas is enough of a foundation. So why the hell am I doing it?

I honestly don’t know… other than “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. Opinion is divided on how best to train for a marathon – most people follow structured plans. I just “go with what feels right”. And occasionally I think it’s good to run “over the distance”. So that’s what this is … it’s just one of my long training runs, and I shall be pacing it as such.

There’s a cut-off time of 7 hours. The race starts at 10:00… The Italian Corner restaurant in Perth opens at 17:00 – so that fits in just fine.


I’ve done one or two training runs in the past that go over 26.2 miles and, as long as you don’t make a habit of it, I think it can be useful. However, I can state quite categorically that I have no intention whatsoever of “getting into” ultra running. I’ve met some of them that are into that, and I have to say they’re all pretty special.



Only “special” in a kind of Benny-from-Crossroads type of way!


Yak Hunter said...

" I can state quite categorically that I have no intention whatsoever of “getting into” ultra running."...

protesting too much?

Good luck on Saturday!

Billy said...

Careful Stuart, you're on a slippery slope. That Two Bridges Race a while back sowed a dangerous seed. You'll be special too, soon enough.

John Kynaston said...

I've followed your blog for a while now. I'll be at Perth to support friends running the 100k so I'll look out for you.

But please don't think 50k round a 1.5mile loop is a 'proper' ultra!

Enter the Fling and then you'll really enjoy the experience of an ultra.

See you Sunday!