Saturday, 26 March 2011


Shoes. VERY important. In fact THE most important part of your kit.
Never mind your "technical" tops, your compression skins, your fancy jackets or your hi-tech-GPS-diddly. If you don't have the right shoes your fecked.

For running at least.

For the vast remainder of unimportant day to day life (aka "work")? Who gives a toss?

This attitude, coupled with my general untidy approach to life (I just kick my shoes off and shove them under the bed) might explain why I ended up going into work yesterday with odd shoes on.

In my defence - at least they were both black. Also - as one was slightly higher than the other I think it's affected my gait .... so that's a ready made excuse if the 50k goes badly tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Billy said...

Couldn't agree more re shoes.
One shoe higher than the other could actually work in your favour, a bit like Indeonapolis car suspensions, with all those wee laps you'll be doing in Perth. Good luck in the race.