Thursday, 3 March 2011



Yesterday saw me through in the DGP, but once more up in my “old” office for a meeting - the beautiful Cowcaddens area of the DGP.

So a flat, fast 7.5 miles was in order up by the canal and out towards the ever lovely “Maryhill” district. Don’t know if it was partly the need to get back in a reasonable time (for the meeting) or just a desire to “let off steam” (said “meeting” was not a prospect I was looking forward to), but I managed round quicker than I’ve done that route before. Maybe not the best idea a few days before  a race - but it felt good at the time (and felt like the right thing to do at the time).

Lots of other runners out and about at that time of day. Quite enjoyed it.

Few other “meetings” coming up – so might revisit that route again.

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